Walkathon resources

All the information you'll need for the Walkathon.  If there's anything missing for you, please contact us.

How do I sponsor someone?

We're aiming to move to online sponsorship as much as possible.  How you do this depends on which charity or organisation you want to support.

  1. I want to support Leofric Lions or local charities and organisations that Leofric Lions serve.
    Go to the Leofric Lions Justgiving page (link) and select "Fundraise for us"  (you will need to register with Justgiving if you haven't done so already)
    This is our preferred method as Justgiving handle all the Gift Aid, and it also makes it easy for you to circulate on social media and email.


  2. I want to support another charity and they already have an online fundraising page (like Justgiving etc)
    Obtain the details of the page from the charity, all money goes direct to them.
    Please let us know the page name and how much you've raised.


  3. I want to support a good cause or charity and they don't have an online donation page
    Follow the instructions in (1) above and let us know the charity name and contact details.  We'll collect you donations and pay them back to you when we receive the funds from Justgiving (usually about a month later)


  4. I want to raise money with a paper sponsorship form.
    Please give the online method a try first - but if you're still stuck, print out one of the forms below.  You'll need to get the form and your money to your chosen charity and they may be able to claim GiftAid to increase the value of you donations.  Please let us know how much you've raised.


What / When / Where

The 25th Coventry Walkathon will take place at Coombe Abbey Park on Sunday 22nd May 2022 and will start at 11.00 am.

Booking in will open at 10.00am and judging for the Fancy Dress competition will be at 10.30.  


There are two walks, one short (about 1/2 mile or 800 meters) and one of about 1 ¾ miles (Marked as Heron's Way on the map)

Map of the park (with the short route highlighted).   There's also a park map on the Coombe Park website.

Walkathon map.jpg

Other resources - information, entry forms and sponsorship forms

General information and conditions

Entry form for printing (please use the online entry form where possible though)

Sponsorship forms for printing (Please use the the online methods above if possible)